Nelson Ranch Horses

Riding Photos

A few of my favorite 2020 photos 🙂

Alice has been so much fun this year, she has progressed so fast. Her first riding by herself was in the spring & she just kept getting better week by week.

If you have children who have a love for animals the rewards for getting them started in riding will amaze you. It has been one of the wonderful experiences of being a parent!!!

Dark Palomino “Montana”

Ranch photos

 Montana is an uncle to Alice’s gelding “Prince”. We sold Montana to a ranch family who live in the state of Mt.

There are photos of when Wyatt first started riding Montana spring of 2018.

2013 Home bred Black gelding (eventually steal grey)


We raised Ace & he is another one of those horses everybody is looking for. Everyone in the family can ride, & a good one to do any ranch work on. lay him off for the winter & no buck in the spring.

He has never put a hump in his back. 3 yrs ago we lent him to friends for their daughter (in her 50s) visiting from VA could ride him for 2 weeks. She said ” I can’t believe he is a young horse, he is so steady!”

Ace is cute, cowy. 14.3hh. Driftwood/Hancock bred