Nelson Ranch Horses

AQHA Two Eyed Blanton, aka “Jake”

TT TwoEyed Blanton: 2014 AQHA gelding

New VIDEO! “Jake in the cold” see bottom of page.

We have owned “Jake” since he was a baby. Anyone from 3yrs to 90 yrs can ride him safely.

This super quiet gelding is just what so many people are searching for; ranch experience, quiet enough for anyone in the family to get along with, & can be laid off for months at a time & just saddle him up & off you go, even in winter weather.

Takes both leads, side pass, open gates.Good to teach colts to pony on.

Catch him any-where & ride him in from pasture in a halter.

This video below is the 1rst one listed on the Cowgirl Cadillacs site, scroll down for videos containing longer clips taken this summer.

Below are the LONG clips mostly of Alice that many of the scenes from Jake’s main sale video are taken from. There is almost an hour of video so skip through and watch your favorite parts!