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Poco Dark Spark

We just had a full set of Xrays done, please email & request them!

Please scroll to view videos! AQHA 2011 Dappled Buckskin Gelding

We bought Poco Spark halterbroke & all of his breaking & training has been on a cattle ranch working cattle by us. He is very smooth at all gates, light neck rein, & very responsive to leg & seat cues, takes his leads & sidepasses. He was ridden outside on his fifth ride. Saddles up & rides away from the barn with no lunging or round penning & always has since the fifth ride. He has sorted, worked a lot of cattle outside & in the yards, & is automatic on working gates. He has worked colts in the roundpen, & is great to teach colts to pony on. Started in a bosal, also rides in a bit, halter or bridleless. We feel safe letting everyone from 3 yr old Alice on up ride Spark anywhere. He is the one we put inexperienced guests on. He was the last horse I moved cattle on when I was expecting Alice because he was safe & oh SO smooth. Crosses water, goes wherever you point him, 15 hh & comes over to a mounting block. Hobble broke, stands tied without fussing, trailers well, a sweetheart on the ground & he loves getting attention & being brushed. Spark was friendly & quiet to be around even as a colt & has always been good to catch even without grain or treats. He catches up broke even after extensive time off, no spook, buck or silly stuff. This spring 3 yr old Alice rode him the very first day I brought him in after months off over the winter. The day we took these catalog photos Alice rode him both out & back & was his only rider that day (he hadn’t been ridden for several days, it was 31 degrees & windy).  Working bred all the way: 2X to Poco Bueno & Three Bars through Doc Bar & Triple Chick. Spark has been ridden working cattle & pleasure ridden by all levels of riders. It is not often you find a horse this friendly, quiet minded & exceptionally smooth all in one package. Spark has never colicked, been sick, lame, never been injected, & has no maintenance issues or needs. We ride him barefoot most of the year. For additional photos & videos please visit ,and better yet come meet & ride Spark at our ranch!!!  Spark will be somebody’s new best friend

  Anne, Alice & Curt Nelson 308-327-3111 @ the ranch or cell 308-760-9780 for week of the sale.