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Montana is gentle, He is a solid gelding who stays broke with time off. 11 yr old neighbor boy has been riding him a lot this year. Catch him, saddle him up and you are ready to go. Good neck rein, good walk, very cowy & anyone in the family can ride him. Calm & gentle but he is there when you need him to work.

A big bodied horse he stands 15.1hh, is deep in the heart girth, stout straight bone & good feet.

We bought him from his breeder at a little over 2 1/2 yrs. He has never been to a sale & never passed around.








We shot this video on Sept 19th to give Curt a practice session at  filming, but with all the cloudy weather we have been having lately we haven't gotten another video made. The tarp is too little to do a good job but it was what we had close by.

Video - Rocks, steep hills & Traffic...

Video added Sat Oct 20th.

We just bought our sand hills ranch last year, before that we owned a ranch in the pine ridge area of Ne (southern Black Hills), so the horses are used to VERY rough country. All of our pastures had rough areas like what is shown in this video. Montana is also very good with traffic.


#1Color/Foundation Bred

A great dark Palomino color with dappling. Foundation breeding of Poco Bueno, Cutter Bill on top, Jae Bar Flinn & Tee Jay Roman on the bottom.

#2 No Buck

Never cold backed & has never even threatened to buck.

#3 Ranch Broke

He has seen long working days, hot & cold, slow work & fast work & a-lot of those important wet saddle blankets.

Gentle for anyone...

11 yr old Wyatt has spent the most time on Mantana this year of any horse. Montana likes kids & he & Wyatt have done alot of riding & trailing cattle together. Wyatt goes anywhere he wants to go on Montana , he will even take off and go check something by himself.


This spring & summer...

These pictures were taken earlier this year .

Montana has been ridden many miles by both kids checking and moving cattle.

These photos were taken during shipping 2016...


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