Nelson Ranch Horses


We raised Ace & he is another one of those horses everybody is looking for. Everyone in the family can ride, & a good one to do any ranch work on. lay him off for the winter & no buck in the spring.

He has never put a hump in his back. 3 yrs ago we lent him to friends for their daughter (in her 50s) visiting from VA could ride him for 2 weeks. She said " I can't believe he is a young horse, he is so steady!"

Ace is cute, cowy. 14.3hh & very stout, all black feet. Saddle him up after time off and just ride off, even in the winter. We used him for a companion gelding for our weanlings last fall because he is a good example for them of being friendly all the time when ever a person shows up.



I apologize for being behind in getting videos up on all the horses. We had a couple of nice sun hours a few afternoons ago and took a great video of Ace being ridden with a neckrope out in one of the big pastures, crossing water etc. But when we arrived home discovered the camera hadn't taken the video :(. & then it has been raining! So I have put this one up moving cows, It might be a bit long but it will be something up for Ace. More coming as soon as we can get a day without rain & the camera works.

Saddling Video ...


Rough country...

Our horses ran in pastures like this rocky terrain on our ranch we just moved from last year located in the pine ridge country of north west Ne.

#1Color/Foundation Bred

Standout solid black color. Foundation breeding of old ranch bloodlines top & bottom.

#2 No Buck

Never cold backed & has never even threatened to buck.

#3 Ranch Broke

He has seen long working days, hot & cold, slow work & fast work & a-lot of those important wet saddle blankets.

Gentle for anyone...

We can put anyone on Ace and they can have a fun ride going out with everyone else.

Rides equally as well in either a hackamore or snaffle bit. I like to train in a bit but my husband prefers to ride in a hackamore.


This spring & summer...

These pictures were taken earlier this year .

Ace has been ridden by everyone in our family & the neighbors & guests also.