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Below are 3 of our go-to geldings.

For Video see Spark’s WebPage;

Sale catalog Lot #49 Pocos Dark Spark, click here

Pocos Dark Spark

For sale at Diamonds in the Desert, Reno, NV — June 25-26, 2021

AQHA 2011 Dappled Buckskin Gelding

10 yr old AQHA Buckskin Ranch Gelding, we bought him as a 2 yr old. 15hh, anyone can ride ranch gelding. Beautiful dappled buckskin color.

Very friendly, always up in front wanting to be caught. Laid back disposition even after time off. Catch him & he is ready to head off from the barn. Smooth gaits & easy to ride.

This photo is Spark with a guest rider moving pairs to a new pasture, taken 3 years ago.


AQHA 11 yr Palomino Gelding

Prince is not for sale at this time, but he may be in a year or 2, if we can find a pony that Alice likes to ride as well as she does Prince. This process is going very slowly because you can’t find ponies that are broke like Prince is.

Prince is the smallest of our geldings and he is very good with Alice. He was the first equine she rode allby herself when she had just turned 3 yrs. Then we found Oreo, so she would switch back and forth, Oreo for short rides around the place & riding Prince for long rides when her pony Oreo needed a break. Prince has been excellent for teaching Alice to neck rein, he is very soft to the rein and patient when she doesn’t have her reins the correct length…

In 2020 Prince & Spark have been her 2 mounts because Mom doesn’t have the time right now to help Alice every day with her pony projects. We just need “catch & take off on” horses this spring with everything we have going on.

“Red Man”

AQHA 7yr Home raised Gelding

Alice & I were left to “hold the herd” so while we were waiting Alice was playing with Red Man’s ears, I am happy I had a camera along and snapped these photos. Red Mans mother is Curt’s old roan ranch mare who has given us so many nice riding horses.

How good horses are made…

This is a photo of Curt’s mare Patsy in the distance (high selling mare in Billings Sept’17), Curt is riding her full brother Nevada and I am on Red Streak taking the photo.
Riding Photos