Nelson Ranch Horses

Riding Photos

 Dark Dapple Palomino gelding


I used Montana as my main horse when I had a lot of gathering rough timbered pastures when we lived up at Harrison, Ne.  He will go up or down steep rocky hills & over any fallen trees in the way. The photos of him standing tied to corrals are in the fall at shipping time.

Many of the photos of the other horses are taken while I am riding Montana, if you see his head in the photos it's because sometimes the best place to take pictures.

There are photos of when Wyatt first started riding Montana this spring. We had him use a hackamore so he wouldn't be in his mouth with a bit.

2013 Home bred Black gelding (eventually steal grey)


We raised Ace & he is another one of those horses everybody is looking for. Everyone in the family can ride, & a good one to do any ranch work on. lay him off for the winter & no buck in the spring.

He has never put a hump in his back. 3 yrs ago we lent him to friends for their daughter (in her 50s) visiting from VA could ride him for 2 weeks. She said " I can't believe he is a young horse, he is so steady!"

Ace is cute, cowy. 14.3hh & very stout, all black feet. Saddle him up after time off and just ride off, even in the winter. We used him for a companion gelding for our weanlings last fall because he is a good example for them of being friendly all the time when ever a person shows up.

2014 Streak Of Fling grandson

"Red Streak"

Talk about pretty & nice to ride too, that is Red Streak. If you are looking for talent but still want a sweetheart disposition you need to come ride him for yourself. He is a horse the kids will be able to compete on in the future.

A fast walk, Very, very cowy , athletic & he has been a fun horse to train. Smooth gates, he is one of Anne's favorites.

2014 AQHA Streak Of Fling Grandson


Friendly, likes people, is waiting every morning at the barn door. Extremely gentle & laid back. Saddle him up & lope off.

Sonny has the sought after anybody can ride disposition.  Started as a three year old, Caught up this spring after all winter off with no buck. Have used him for moving cows & gathering the horses in every morning out of a section of rough sand hills pasture. Does not get hot or chargy even if all the horses start running, will walk in or lope in. Big stout 15.2hh. Good feet & legs. Friendly, likes people, is waiting every morning at the barn door.