Nelson Ranch Horses

Poco Dark Spark

Video - Rocks, Hills & traffic...

(Uploaded Oct 20th)

We just bought our sand hills ranch last year, before that we owned a ranch in the pine ridge area of Ne (southern Black Hills), so the horses are used to VERY rough country. All of our pastures had rough areas like what is shown in this video. Sonny's breeder owns pastures along a busy highway so he is used to traffic.


"Sonny Saddling", Video uploaded Thursday (Oct 18th). We have had folks asking about what his back looks like and how well he saddles up. Sorry if it gets long but I want enough for folks who are not able to make it out to our place to ride the horses, to be able to see everything they can.



2014 AQHA Streak Of Fling Grandson


Friendly, likes people, is waiting every morning at the barn door. Extremely gentle & laid back. Saddle him up & lope off.

Sonny has the sought after anybody can ride disposition, & smooth to ride.

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Started as a three year old, Caught up this spring after all winter off with no buck. Have used him for moving cows & gathering the horses in every morning out of a section of rough sand hills pasture. Does not get hot or chargy even if all the horses start running, will walk in or lope in. Big stout 15.2hh, good feet & good bone. Likes to be loved on.



#1 Bloodlines

By an own son of A Streak Of Fling, see his pedigree below.

#2 Gentle

Naturally gentle disposition, never cold backed & has never even threatened to buck.

#3 Ranch Broke

He has seen long working days, hot & cold, slow work & fast work & a-lot of those important wet saddle blankets.

Gentle for anyone...

While working cattle, an 11 yr old Wyatt asked if he could ride Sonny. They got along well together and Wyatt has ridden Sonny all over the ranch including moving and working cattle.


Getting a calf back through the gate...

My brother started Sonny's sire as a 2 yr old & he was easy to train with a good disposition. When our neighbor leased him for his mares the year before Sonny was born we were interested in trying a couple of the A Streak A Fling grand-get.

I have worked with several colts by, & out of daughters of Zan Gold Shaq. Very nice horses with a lot of disposition.


This spring & summer...

These pictures were taken this spring.

Sonny has been ridden many milesĀ  in the rough sand hills checking and moving cattle.