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I will be posting new photos & videos as I have them, if you have any questions at all Please call, 308-327-3111 . Anne

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Riding Pictures

We have owned our horses either from birth or since they were youngsters so many years go into their training. This page is for photos we've taken while riding.

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Horses Sold in the Past

You might enjoy seeing what we had to offer last year, or maybe there will be relatives to current horses we are now riding.

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Directions to where we are staying;
You will come north on 93 out of Wickenburg. There will be 3 round abouts as you travel north toward Kingman. The 3rd round about is the one with the spurs. You will pass the Congress hiway 89 cut off then Quail Run Trail is the next right. Continue north on 93 to Quail Run Trail. It only turns to the right. You will want to turn your right turn signal on at mile marker 193 as the traffic comes fast behind you and there is a little hill that creates a blind spot right before you turn on to Quail Run. Quail Run is a one lane paved road. Go all the way to the end of Quail Run.
You will see the arena.

It is 8 miles (16 minutes) from Quail Run to Rancho de los Caballeros event arena.

NEW; start calling me on my cell 308-760-9780. (if you can get ahold of me I will have my contact phone on our home phone answering machine.

UPDATE: Jake passed his soundness exam (full flexion tests/hoof testers) and we now have current clean Xrays available for anyone who would like to see them. Front feet, hocks & stifles.
vet phone number 308-327-2128 ask for Jakes Xrays

UPDATE;We have been in terrible weather (high of -3 today) so my plans to take additional video have been blind-sided by by husband having to work on Mechanical breakdowns in this cold weather. I am still wanting to shoot some video but I don’t know how I’ll get it done.

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Mom & Dad are proud of Alice for doing a wonderful job with her little pony "Oreo".

Oreo went to Wellington , Fl. to be a little boy's first "ride independently" pony.

video of Alice summer 2020!

Alice is really starting to ride with us and she is so much fun. SHe is in this video riding 6 yr old Jake, we have had him from halter-breaking on up.

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Photo Gallery...

The Gallery shows photos from the past & young stock photos. The horses don't always stay at the corrals, when they are not in training or work they are turned out to pasture to rest & grow.

We enjoy every aspect of breeding, raising & training our ranch bred quarterhorses. I will be adding a great deal of additional information to this site as I have it. Look at the gallery section for photos taken in past years. Check back for more!!